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SPS on Green Transition and Sustainable Social Governance


On October 26, The Inception Meeting for Special Policy Study on Green Transition and Sustainable Social Governance was held in Suzhou. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Ren Yong, SPS Chinese Team Co-leader, and Director-General of Environmental Development Center, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and addressed by Mr. Scott Vaughan, CCICED International Chief Advisor. The meeting was well attended by 40 guests comprised of experts, representatives from CCICED partners, as well as Secretariat staff.


The meeting released the SPS’ 2019-2020 research plan, clarified the framework and directions, and listened to reports on planned thematic research under the framework. The SPS agreed on key issues such as the main content of the thematic research, division of assignments, as well as key notes, and arrangements were made accordingly.


CCICED launched the SPS in 2018, which has carried out relevant research on the strategies and policies for the China's green consumption transformation, including how to promote green lifestyles and consumption patterns, and improve the sustainable social governance system, during the key window period of China's consumption upgrading. In the next two years, the SPS intends to extend to the production side based its previous study on the consumption side, thus to explore how green production and consumption can serve to the transition to high-quality development; deepen and refine last year's research outcomes, and make them operational, thus to better integrate it into the national 14th Five-Year Plan.










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