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CCICED 1st Chief Advisors and Secretariat Joint Working Meeting in 2021


CCICED 1st Chief Advisors and Secretariat Joint Working Meeting was held online on February 5, 2021. Mr. Liu Shijin and Mr. Scott Vaughan, the Chief Advisors, Mr. Guo Jing, CCICED Deputy Secretary General and Director General of International Cooperation Department of Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ms. Lucie Desforges, CCICED Special Advisor and Director General, Bilateral Affairs and Trade Directorate of Environment and Climate Change Canada, gave opening remarks at the meeting.

The Chief Advisors expressed their appreciation to all the outstanding works done by the Special Policy Study (SPS) teams in the past year. China has established its aims and visions for carbon dioxide emissions peaking before 2030 and carbon neutrality before 2060. It is recommended that all SPS teams deliberate on how their research could be best connected to the current situation, and formulate more forward looking outcomes of high quality, to provide solid support to decision-making.


All Special Policies Studies presented their research outline, progress, and timeline at the meeting. CCICED Secretariat briefed participants about the work plan in 2021 and considerations for major events this year, as well as timeline for the planning of CCICED Phase VII. It was required that all SPSs continue their research work in a timely manner, and that the Secretariat well plan their work throughout the year and adjust the timeline according to the latest updates.


More than 120 participants from CCICED SPS teams, Council MembersSpecial Advisors, donors and partners, CCICED Secretariat and its International Support Office attended the meeting.

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