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CCICED Scenario Workshop for Special Policy Studies Convened in Beijing


On Oct 29, CCICED Scenario Workshop for Special Policy Studies was held in Beijing, which centers on how the scenario tools can provide added value to the three newly set SPS and serve as a reference for the feasibility and accuracy of the research. The meeting was co-chaired by Mr. Scott Vaughan, CCICED International Chief Advisor and Mr. Zhang Yongsheng, CCICED Special Advisor, who also delivered an opening remark.

Dr. Li Junfeng, CCICED Special Advisor,Former Director General of National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation, stressed that scenario analysis should be backed by technical solutions and take into account technological advances and market demand.
Three experts from PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency introduced the recent practices of socio-economic scenario tools and proposed recommendations for strengthening CCICED policy studies by using this tool.
Representatives from Green Finance, Global Green Value Chain, Major Green Technology Innovation and Implementation Mechanisms, and Post 2020 Global Biodiversity Conservation, expressed their expectations and recommendations for improved research quality with the support of scenario tools.
About 20 delegates, including relevant experts, representatives from CCICED SPS teams and Secretariat staff, attended the workshop.

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