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CCICED 2nd CHAD-SERI Joint Working Meeting in 2023


The CCICED 2023 2nd Chief Advisors and Secretariat Joint Working Meeting was held in Beijing on June 29 in hybrid format. Mr. Liu Shijin and Mr. Scott Vaughan, the Chief Advisors, gave opening remarks. The meeting was chaired by the CCICED Secretariat.

The meeting listened to reports on the research progress and preliminary policy recommendations from 8 Special Policy Study teams, including Pathways for Achieving Carbon Neutrality and China’s Role in Global Climate Governance, Pathways and Policies of Blue Economy in Supporting Carbon-Neutrality Target, Collaborative Mechanism for Pollution Reduction, Carbon Reduction, Green Expansion and Growth, High-Quality Development of River Basins and Adaptation to Climate Change, Promoting Digitalization and Green Technologies for Sustainable Development, Trade and Sustainable Supply Chains, Innovative Mechanism of Sustainable Investment in Environment and Climate, Sustainable Development Innovation Mechanism Boosted by the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as 3 Scoping Study teams, including Climate Data's Methodology and Practice, Green Consumption and Youth, Integrated Land Use. The Secretariat reported to the meeting recent work progress of the CCICED.

The Chief Advisors pointed out that given the challenges and opportunities faced by the global green transition, the CCICED policy research projects should focus on practical issues and propose innovative solutions based on scientific research. The Chief Advisors expected that the research teams would continue to improve the research results, refine the language, and provide high-quality and targeted policy recommendations, thus to lay a solid foundation for a successful CCICED 2023 Annual General Meeting.

More than 80 representatives from the CCICED members, special advisors, research teams, donors, and partners, the CCICED Secretariat and its International Support Office attended the meeting.

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