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Speech at the Inaugural Meeting of CCICED by Qu Geping


  Mr. Chairman and friends:

  I sincerely thank you for your confidence in me and fully agree to the views expressed a moment ago by Vice-Premier Wu Xueqian and State Councilor Song Jian. The Council, with the support of the Chinese Government and the joint efforts from each of us, will surely be successful in its work. I am gratified that Mr. Song Jina is assuming the Chairmanship of the Council. He has for long been engaged in scientific research and Government work and has gained a profound understanding and knowledge of environmental protection. This gives me full confidence in assisting the Chairman to accomplish the tasks of the Council.

  Another reason for my great expectations for the Council is the participation in its work by the Council members, including leading members of the important Chinese government bodies closely related to environment and development work and the outstanding experts famous in economic and scientific circles both at home and abroad. In short, the Council is a galaxy of many talents which will significantly ensure the top quality of its advise.

  The new circumstances of furthering China's policy of reform and opening, and the conduct of international cooperation and exchange, both require a favorable environment. It is in keeping with the trend of our time to protect the environment for human survival while realizing maintain sustainable development. China has always taken an active part in addressing global environmental issues and has contributed to global environmental protection by first doing a good job in domestic economic development and environmental protection in China. After twenty years of hard work, some headway has been made in environmental protection and a set of policy and administrative systems suited to Chinese conditions has been established. But, limited economic strength and the lack of scientific and technological capabilities have hampered the development of environmental protection in China. Therefore, while mainly relying on our own efforts in our endeavors, we are enthusiastically seeking extensive international cooperation in each area of the environment and development fields. The setting-up of the Council will help China correctly handle the relationship between the environment and development and will speed up the process of improving our economy and environment. In addition, it will promote and build up our ties and contacts with the international community in a bid to make substantial progress in environment and development.

  I believe that at the present time, when China is vigorously promoting reform and opening to the outside world, international cooperation in the environmental field will have bright prospects for tremendous accomplishments.

  I wish success in our common efforts.

  Thank you!

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