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Remarks at the Closing Ceremony by Marcel


  This has been a useful and interesting meeting. It has concluded with a flurry of interventions and stimulating intellectual activity. Last year we had to decide on the Council's objectives. This year's meeting was full of substance. There were valuable contributions by both the Chinese and international side. The discussion was free-wheeling. We should congratulate ourselves on already beginning to fulfill the objectives of the Council.

  My first remark was going to be about the Working Groups and the issue of transportation. However, I already mentioned this earlier. We should mention one point a bout a possible joint study with the State Planning Commission and NEPA on integration of economic policies with the environment. The principle of a joint study was widely endorsed. The Bureau decided that the principle was excellent and that Mr. Martin Lees should continue with his study of this issue and try to keep the Council abreast of its developments. If the discussions of this group are useful, please let the Council know at its next meeting the conclusion. A study on the integration of economic and environmental decision making will probably be important since the Council needs to determine how its advice and recommendations c an be most effectively implemented.

  We should note the importance of linking the Council with international organizations. Mr. Holcombe noted this. The UNDP should cooperate with the Council, as should the World Bank and other organizations. International organizations can lend their knowledge and any relevant studies they have done. These can then be incorporated into the working groups. This is what the international members should try to bring to the Council.

  The Council is a unique organization since the Advisory Council has Chinese scientists, officials, foreign academics, scientists and businessmen. The problems the Council deals with are also international problems. The time is finished when China could proceed to deal with environmental issues without links to the outside world. Opening up is a fundamental necessity. China must continue to play a leaders hip role in international circles.

  I want to express my thanks to Council members for the work done and for their enthusiasm .The Chinese side should be congratulated for their contribution of papers. They participated actively and brought the wisdom of their organizations to the discussions.

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