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Speech at Closeing Ceremony by Qu Geping


  Mr. Chairman, Ladies and gentlemen,

  After three day of hard and efficient effort, the Third Meeting of China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development has successfully completed its set agenda and will come to an end this afternoon.

  During the meeting, the Expert Working Groups have presented to us their interim results achieved through efforts made by both Chinese and international experts in the past one year and more, providing us with abundant research materials and many policy suggestions of a very high value. And with serious and responsible attitude and sincerity for cooperation, all members aired their own views in a frank manner, enthusiastically putting forward suggestions for China's environment and development. This will, no doubt, exercise an important impact on China when it is striving for sustainable development.

  Ever since UNCED, sustainable development model has gradually been accepted by t he international community. The Chinese Government has taken the lead in drafting China's Agenda 21 and action plans to implement the international conventions concerned, which expresses to the Chinese people and the international community the Chinese Government's attitude towards and its determination for sustainable development, and demonstrates that the Government is serious and responsible in its promise to the international community.

  To implement China's Agenda 21 and related action plans, it is not only necessary for the Chinese people to make long and unremitting effort, but also necessary for us to gain support and cooperation from the international community. The results of the Expert Working Groups and suggestions and recommendations raised by the Council members are important demonstration of such support and cooperation, for they have given us suggestions and plans good for our reference in the process of the implementation of the Agenda and action plans.

  China is deepening its reform and speeding up its development. While we are changing the old structure and building up a market economy, it is important that we take the strengthening of environmental and resources legislation as a strategic task. We are fully aware that the construction and completion of environmental and resources legislation are a prerequisite for the market economy to develop smoothly. In recent years, China has quickened its step in this connection. The National People's Congress (NPC) has established Environment and Resources Protection Committee, which devotes itself entirely to legislation and supervision over law enforcement. This year, the Committee has been working on the revision and drafting of 15 laws in this area, such as the Law on Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution, etc. Other concerned departments are also busy with the revision and drafting of other laws. Meanwhile, the Committee has combined efforts with the Environmental Protection Committee of the State Council in organizing a nationwide law enforcement inspection campaign, with a view to pushing for ward enforcement of environmental and resources laws. In this process, we need very much to know and draw on the mature experience of various countries in the world. Our Council, undoubtedly, has a unique role to place here. As a matter of f act, the meeting has already produced valuable results.

  In the past 10 years, China has made remarkable achievements with its fast growing economy. Under such circumstances, China's environment and resources are face d with unprecedented pressure. We understand that the eco-systems vital for human survival are the basis for a long term and continuous economic development and for the stable improvement of the people's living standards. The Chinese people have arduous tasks o accomplish in term of protecting their own survival environment and upgrading their living standards and social welfare in the development of next few or dozens of years.

  But the Chinese people firmly believe that China has a bright future and are confident that we are capable of turning this piece of land into a garden of happiness with prosperous economy and clean and pleasant environment.

  Fellow members and experts, members and experts from other countries in particular have worked meticulously and very hard for a beautiful prospect of the Chinese people. This is in itself a great and meaningful endeavours, a contribution to environmental protection in China and in the world.

  At the time when the meeting is coming to a close, please allow me, once again, to offer my sincere thanks to all members and experts. I hope that you will show continuous concern for China's environment and development and for China's environment and resources legislation construction. Let's try to make more contributions to sustainable development both in China and in the world.

  Thank you all.

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