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Speech at the Closing Ceremony by Gu Ming


  Ladies and Gentlemen, My Dear Friends,

  After two days of intense and efficient work by all council members and experts, a the Fifth Section of China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development has completed all the activities listed on the agenda and comes to its successful ending. During the meeting, the work for the first phase has been summarized and the key work for the next phase has been identified. This will be to shift the direction to substantive research and practical application, and to develop policy demonstrations of higher value in accordance with the major problems in the field of environment and development in China. It can be said that the Council will face greater challenges in the future. During the meeting, the Council members have put forward many ideas and suggestions. These have been of great value in the implementation of sustainable development strategies and the fulfillment of the spirit of the fourth National Conference on Environmental Protection.

  To maintain a beautiful living and working environment is of vital importance to the public, so it is in the public's best interest to participate in environmental protection as the basic impetus and fundamental guarantee for the success of environmental protection. In this context, it is necessary to set up a system for the public to participate in and to supervise environmental protection. The governments at all levels should encourage the enthusiasm of the public for environmental protection and provide them with opportunities for participation. In the process of formulating laws, regulations and policies, the public voice should be highly respected. In this way we will make every effort to motivate the public organizations to play their roles in environmental protection. In recent year, organizations in China such as the trade unions, The Communist Youth League, Women's Associations, and Scientific Research Societies of China and so forth have exerted their influence and thereby have taken an active part in various kinds o f activities which greatly promote environmental protection in China. In addition to these organizations, Chinese intellectuals, universities and colleges have also set up their own organizations for environmental protection. These organizations contribute to enhancing the publicity, arousing public awareness and advocating morality for environmental protection. We also hope that a new dedication will be made in adopting international hi-technology and experiences. Society, especially governmental organizations, should earnestly support the various public organizations concerned with environmental protection and healthy development.

  Environmental protection in China also needs the participation and support of the international community. The China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development has set a good example in this regard. With years of hard work by the Council members, many constructive suggestions have been put for ward to the Chinese government and many of them have been adopted.

  Having greatly promoted the implementation of sustainable development strategy in China, the Council becomes more and more influential both in China and in the world.

  Here, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to each Council member for your active participation, and I hope that you will continue to show your concern and support for the development of environmental protection in China and make further contributions.

  Thank you.



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