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Speech at the Opening Ceremony by Gu Ming


  Ladies, Gentlemen, and Friends,

  I am very pleased today to meet again with our friends who are deeply concerned with environmental protection and who have come to attend the 5th meeting of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development being held in Shanghai. I would like to take this opportunity to offer my warm welcome and sincere thanks to all people present, both from China and abroad.

  China's Fourth National Conference on Environmental Protection was of great strategic significance in the history of China's environmental protection, Both President Jiang Zemin and Premier Li Peng made important speeches at the meeting laying further stress on the importance of the implementation of the basic state policy "ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION" and making it clear that the relationship between environment and development should be dealt with appropriately from the point of view of sustainable development ,The meeting defined the objectives and measures for China's environmental protection into the next century which would certainly promote work in the field. The key thing for China to do at present is to seriously and earnestly carry out the spirit of the meeting.

  President Jiang Zemin pointed out at the meeting that "Economic decisions greatly affect the environment. It is therefore imperative that we use macromanagement and set up a comprehensive policy making mechanism for environment and development", The establishment of such a mechanism is an essential way to enhance sustainable development and an actual way to implement the strategy for sustainable development. In light of the current situation in the country, we must first give overall consideration to economy, size, and environment. When we make major decisions regarding economic and social development, we must carry out environmental impact assessments which in turn involves regional, urban and industrial planning agencies and adjustment of industrial structure and productive layout, Our environmental impact assessments used to be aimed at only concrete projects, New measures are required to do assessments for regions, industries, structure and layout for the implementation of sustainable development.

  The establishment of such a mechanism also requires corresponding guarantees and supportive measures in terms of laws, regulations, policies, management systems and institutional setup etc, so the mechanism will be systematized and standardized.

  In this regard, we especially need our Council to put forward more good suggestions and recommendations to help and support China to expedite the process of the establishment of the mechanism.

  The Fifth Meeting of the Council is held at a critical moment for China's environmental protection and development. This means that the Council may be able to play an increasing important role and bring about even greater influence. It is hoped that our members and experts will merit the heavy historical trust, and demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility and follow strict scientific spirit, in order to make the meeting a success, Let us devote our enthusiasm, wisdom, and experience to the sacred cause of environmental protection. I believe that, through combined effort, the Council will produce fruitful results and make greater contributions to environment and development in China and in the world.

  I hope that the meeting is a complete success.

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