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Speech at the Opening Ceremony by Qu Geping


  Mr.Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen,

  The China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development has a five year history. During this final meeting of the first phase of the Council, the Council will summarize the work in the last five years and develop a general plan for the work in the second phase. I appreciate the spirit of sincere cooperation demonstrated by the members of the Council towards China's environment and development. I am pleased with the effective work undertaken by the council.

  In the past year, China's cause of environment and development has undergone unprecedented and profound changes. In the formulation of the program for economic and social development in the next 5 to 15 years, the Chinese government has adopted the strategy of sustainable development and the strategy of developing the country through science and education as important guiding principles. It is explicitly pointed out in the program that out economic system will change from the traditional planned economy to a socialist market economy and the mode of production will change from an extensive mode of production to an intensive mode of production. In addition, the development pattern with the characteristics of wasting re sources and energy will be totally discarded, the industrial structure will be optimized, attention will be paid to the effectiveness of size, and by relying on the progress of science, the quality of the economy and the effectiveness of the distribution of the production factors will be improved. At the same time China has set the following target for environmental:

  1.To strive to basically control the trend of aggravation of environmental pollution and ecological destruction.

  2.To improve to some extent the environmental quality of some cities and regions by the end of the century. These important strategic policies and measures have laid down a solid foundation for the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development and for a smooth transition into the 21st century,

  In the past year, much progress has been made in environmental legislation. The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress has amended the law of Air Pollution Prevention and Control and the Law of Water Pollution Prevention and Control, promulgated the Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Wastes and is reviewing the Law of Ambient Noise Prevention and Control. These laws fully reflect the principle of the integration between economic and social development and environmental protection, and can basically meet the needs of environmental protection under the socialist market economy and are more enforceable, At the same time the law enforcement is being strengthened, The nationwide law enforcement inspection has been in effect for four years, and has resulted in the punishment for many violations of environmental laws. assisted in the solution of many major problems of environmental pollution and ecological destruction, has raised the environmental awareness of leaders at various levels, and ha s promoted the participation in environmental protection by the general public.

  China's economy is entering a new stage of development. In the Ninth Five year Plan Period, the national economy will continue to develop at a fairly fast speed and by the year 2010,China will gradually realize industrialization. During this period the development of basic industries such as energy and raw materials will b e placed on the agenda of the country. All this will put great pressure on the environment. Therefore the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development is the key to the economic and social development of the country and is a must. China will actively rely on its own efforts in its large scale modernization drive and make great efforts in realizing the integrated development of economy, society and environment. At the same time we also need to have extensive international cooperation. I sincerely hope that with a strategic view towards the next century and with a spirit of caring for the cause of environment and development in China, the members of the council will seriously plan the work for the second phase and make greater contributions to sustainable development in China.

  I wish the meeting to be a complete success.

  Thank you very much.

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