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Closing Ceremony Speech by Mme. H. Labelle


  My first words must be to convey my sincere thanks to the Chairman, the other two Vice Chairmen, and the Secretariat for the excellent administrative arrangement and warm hospitality that has been extended to all of the international member s. Everything has been arranged so efficiently and so conveniently that you have made us all feel completely at home. This has created an atmosphere in which we speak freely and openly to each other as good colleagues and friends.

  I would like to express a special note of appreciation to all of our Chinese colleagues who have cheerfully worked during a major holiday period for the country immediately after their National Day. The personal sacrifice by our Chinese friends has impressed us deeply because it demonstrates their hospitality towards us and their dedication to the cause of environment and development.

  Mr. Chairman, at the outset of this meeting I listed four desirable goals for it.

  1. My first goal was to make new members feel part of a cooperative team and to demonstrate that there are no divisions based on length of service or nationality. I believe that we have succeeded admirably. Every one participated freely in discussions and met together as friends during the social interchanges.

  2. My second goal was to emphasize the spirit of Phase Two by identifying practical issues, which are relevant to Chinese decision makers. Once again, I believe that we met our objectives. The guidance we have given to our Working Groups and the recommendations we are submitting to the State Council are much more practical and relevant than they have been in the past.

  3. Thirdly, I proposed that we discuss how to attract financial support for Council demonstration projects. I am happy to say that that was a recurring theme during our discussions. We die not find all the money we needed but we sensitized the Council to the problem and identified a number of promising ways to approach it.

  4. Lastly, I recommended that, instead of listing a catalogue of recommendations from the Working Groups, we select a few timely ones which are ripe for consideration by the State Council. I believe that our agreed recommendations strike the right balance. They mix specific Working Group recommendations with Council recommendations of a broader sweep. In short, we have a better format for making recommendations.

  In conclusion, I would like to recall some of the inspiring words used by Chairman Song Jian when he opened our meeting. He said that "the next 30 years will be the most difficult period in China's development history" and went on to say the "We must protect the environment to leave future generations with sufficient space, resources and environmental conditions so that they could live happy lives". Then, he turned to use and said, "Environmental issues are becoming increasing cross boundary and global. So the nations of the world need to learn from each other and share policies and technologies. This is what the China Council is mandated for".

  Ladies and gentlemen, when I reflect on the words of the chairman, I am humbled by the magnitude of the task, which we have been given but also inspired by it. It makes me sympathetic to the enormous challenges facing the leaders of China. It also makes me, and I am sure all of my international colleagues, feel privilege d to be part of a team which is striving to meet there great national and international goals.

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