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Opening Ceremony Speech by Gu Ming


  Ladies, Gentlemen, and Friends,

  I am very pleased to meet with our friends from China and abroad coming to at tend the first meeting of the Second Phase of CCICED held in Beijing. I would like to take this opportunity to express my warm welcome and sincere thanks to you.

  With the summer heat gone, October comes. This is the most beautiful and pleasant season in the year, when the sky becomes high and the air turns brisk. This year Beijing had a sweltering and hot summer. The temperature soared to record high's while, surprisingly, it was much cooler in the South. Temperature rise and abnormal weather are both warnings for us from Nature. Fortunately, mankind has become aware of the worsening trend of Nature and is responding. The response is the protection of our environment.

  It is the common wish and shared responsibility of humankind to protect the environment. The Chinese government regards environmental protection as one of its basic state policies. With its underdeveloped economy and limited science and technology capacity, China cannot handle the environmental challenges as fully as it wishes. It is just for this purpose that CCICED was established to offer advice and recommendations to China. Since it was founded six years ago, the Council has been conducting in-depth and thorough research on environmental and developmental issues in China, and has put forward many valuable policy recommendations, which greatly advances the scientific process of decision-making in the field of environment and development in China.

  The Council has successfully completed its First Phase and now embarks on the Second Phase. In light of the situation in China, the Council will shift its focus in the Second Phase and work ever more practically targeting at the environment al objectives for the Ninth Five-Year Period, the transformation of economic system and mode of economic growth, the advancement of education and science, the strategy of sustainable development and the integrated development of economy and environment.

  Just as the old Chinese saying goes, "cut the garment according to the figure, suit the remedy to the illness", China must choose a way of sustainable development that suits its national conditions. China could learn from Western countries, but must not copy them. We are now exploring our own way. Take the case of Huaihe River Basin for an example. The State Council and the departments concerned have formulated a series of regulations, including economic, scientific and technological policies to combat water pollution in Huaihe River.

  These regulations and policies would have demonstrative value if they prove effective in Huaihe River Basin, and could then be extended to other river basins or even to the whole country. Similarly, the Council could also carry out a number of demonstration projects in selected river basins, regions or enterprises in the Second Phase, which will be of great help to the formulation and implementation of environmental policies.

  The Working Groups of the Council are composed of both international and Chinese experts and scholars, who have strong academic capacity as well as social influence. Proceeding from their own fields of expertise and different viewpoints, the members have put forward methods and recommendations for solving he environmental problems China is facing. The Chinese government has always paid great attention to the efforts by the Council and its Working Groups. Many governments, international organizations and individuals have also offered active support to and participated in the Council. This reflects the remarkable achievements and social influence of the Council. I believe that greater achievements will be made with the joining of new experts, scholars and eminent persons.

  I wish this meeting a complete success!

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