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Opening Ceremony Speech by Liu Jiang


  Distinguished Mr.Chairman,Ladies and Gentlemen,

  First of all,Iwould like to offer congratulations on the opecing of the 2nd Meet ing of the 2nd Phase of CCICED.I would also like to sincerely thank all of you f or electing me as Vice Chairman of CCICED.This gives me a chance to work togethe r with outstanding people in the field of environment and development, and toget her to make concerted efforts to advance the cause of sustainable development in China.

  How to appropriately deal with the relationship between environment and developm ent is an issue to which all the countries in the world attach great importance. As a developing country, China is faced with dual tasks of economic decelopment and environmintal protection. In this context China has made an historically significant choice of implementing the strategy of sustainable development while acceleraying the pace of modernization.In the Ninth National Plan for Social and Economic Development and Long Term Program for Years up to 2010,China is required to deal appropriately with the relationship between economic development and population, as well as the relationship between natural resources and the environmen t, and to better coordinate the policies of social and economic edvelopment. In these plans and programs. the environmental goal for the next fifteen years and the Total-amount Control Target for the Year 2000 have been put forward, Meanwhi le,some policies and measures favorable for environmental and ecological conserv ation have also been incorporated into development planning for energy resources development,basic industry, agriculture,tertiary industry and land development and management, Such macroscopic planning for economec development, environmenta l protection and ecological conservation indicates the determination of China to follow the road of sustainable development.

  In the new government restructuring ,the State Developmeng and Planning Commissi on, as a department of macro-level adjustment,has strengthened its function for coodinating environmental protection and implementing the strategy of sustainabl e development. The Chinese government pays great attention to establishing and i mproving a mechanism of decision making for environment and devevopment. It cont inues to stress that planning instruments will be employed to adjust industrial structure and solve the environmental problems resulting from unreasonabld indus trial restructuring. Pollution control and im-plementation deadlines within key polluted regions, river basins and polluting enterprises will be intensified. Th e Ninth National Program for Environmental Protection and the Long-term Environm ental Program for 2010 have been formulated and are being imple-mented, with pre limiary results already achieved. In expanding internal demands and flood rehabi litation, the Chinese government has substantially increased its investment in f lood comteol, matural forest protection, ecological construction and urban pollu tio con-trol. China has also set about formulating National Planning for Ecologi cal Construction, according to which the next 50 years will be used to establish anumber of backbone pro-jects for ecological construction at the national level . This will create a good ecological environment for the sustainable devlopment of society and the economy.

  Meanwhile, China has awwrded the title of Environmental Model City to six cities . Their common characteristics are that they have established a mechanism of com prehen-sive decision-making for environment and development, and have incorporat ed sustain-able development as an important part of economic devlopment planning , so as to achieve co-ordination between the environment and the economy.

  Wnile China is enhancing co-ordination between environmental protection and econ omic construction, in partcular when SDPC ic formulating the Tenth National Plan for Social and Economic Development, we urgently veed recommendations from CCIC ED members so that we can draw on advanced international theory,experience and e xpertise and ob-tain practical policy recommendations by taking into considerati on the reality of China.

  I believe that CCICED will achieve outstanding results in the cause of environme nt and development by using its uniqud advantage and through te effective work o f all cciced members. I hope that all China and international members and expert s will work to-gether so that CCICED will pay an increasingly more active role.

  I vish thes meething completl success.

  Thank you.

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