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Adopt Comprehensive Policy-Making on Environment and Economic Development and Promote the Strategy of Sustainable Development

1999-10-20author:hang Lianzhensource:

  Distinguished Mr.Chairman and vice chairmen,Distinguished leaders,experts and guests,

  In recent years,when quickening the construction of modernisation, Jiangsu Province has faced more and more serious contradiction among development and population, resource, environment.centre on this situation, Jiangsu Province has positively executed sustainable development strategy tightly around the aims and steps determined in Agenda of China in the 21stCentury and have achieved remarkable success in environment protection. Jiangsu province has made successful progress in the prevention and control of water pollution in several major water valleys and has closed down 1401 all kinds of small enterprises which are of high energy consumption and serious pollution.In the Huai River Valley the effluent from 385 industry enterprises had met the demand of control standard by the end of 1997;in 1998 we reaped the first fruits in the same work in the Tai Lake Valley and 99% of 770 major pollution enterprises had completed theircontrol duties; and 408 major enterprises in the Yangtse River Valley had their effluent discharged under control till June 1999(the basic completion ration is 98%).We have also gained remarkable achievement in the comprehensive control of urban and rural environment.In 1996,Zhangjiagang was given the title of Exemplary City in Environment Protection and she was the first city in China.The Kunshan City was given the same title in 1998 and several cities such as Suzhou, Jiangyin and Wujiang are applying for this title.The urban districts of 13 major cities in Jiangsu Province have all become Smoke Control Districts and 76% of them has become Noise Control Districts.In the rural areas Jiangsu Province has strengthened the protection of ecological environment and each district has established its own civilised enterprises of clean production and demonstration district(town) which can coordinate the development of economy and environment.At present all the barren mountains fitted to afforest have turned green and the number of experimental units on ecological agriculture has exceeded 200.Five counties(cities) in Jiangsu Province such as Dafeng,Yangzhou.Jiangyan,Baoying and Jiangdu have been classified as national ecological demonstration districts and they have all passed the check of nation.Until the end of 1998 Jiangsu Province had established 21 natural reserves and the total area of these reserves is 580 thousandhectares(about 5.6% of Jiangsu's territory area).Among them the Yancheng Rare Birds Reserve has been classified as national reserve and UNESCO's Human & Ecosphere Reserve.Owning to the hard work of recent years.Jiangsu Province has slowed down the serious tendency of pollution and ecology with the rapid development ofecology.Monitoring result from 19 control sections on 13 rivers shows that the water quality in 16 cross sections has improved.The recent monitoring result also indicates that the water quality in the Huai River Valley in Jiangsu Province is relative better that the water quality in the Huai River Valley in Jiangsu Province is relative better than that in other provinces.The nearest monitoring result from the Tai Lake Valley indicates that the industry pollution resource hasbeen controlled after the Zero O'clock Action.From 1994 to 1998,major pollutanttarget in Tai Lake Valley had decreed year by year.And from 1996 to 1998,two targets of water quality(COD and TP)had obviously improved so as the COD in the borders of rivers.But at the same time we must recognised that the situation is still serious.Although we have reduced the volume of pollutant discharged by a big margin,the contraction among development and population,resource,environment is outstanding.All these urge us to continuously strengthen the position of environment as basic policy;establish and perfect comprehensive policymaking system on environment and development;continuously strengthen comprehensive environment control and promote the execution of sustainable development in Jiangsu Province.

  1 Major jobs we have done to execute the comprehensive policymaking system on environment and development 

  1.1 Perfect environment protection strategy aim around environment quality. 

  Centre on the aims and demands determined in the Agenda of China in the 21st Century ,Jiansu Province has clearly put forward the total aimof environment protection which will go beyond the century.The content of this aim:Up to 2000,the worsening tendency of pollution and ecology damage should be controlled on the whole;the total environment quality in urban and rural areas should be retained at the level of the one in the end of the Eighth Fiveyear Plan and the environment quality in major waters and some areas should be improved. Up to 2010,the situation that the ecology and environment worsens should be changed; the total environment quality should be obvious better than the one in the period of the Ninth Fiveyear Plan.The environment quality in major waters and some areas should take further turns for better.The Yangtse River in Jiangsu Province should maintain good water quality;the water quality of the Hongze Lake and the Tai Lake should be recovered to the second level standard and the one of the Sunan Canal should be obviously better than before.The provincial government also approved and assigned Volume Control Project of Major Pollutant discharged in Jiangsu Province in the Ninth Fiveyear Plan,Control Target of Urban Environment Quality in 2000 and Control Target of Water Quality of Major Rivers in City Cross Section. The content of above three files has been listed in the third agreement of environment protection aim signed by mayors and provincial leaders.In s

  ome counties or cities,the target of total volume control has been resolved to pollution control units and major polluting enterprises.And the list of 3000 major polluting units that should control the total volume of pollutant discharged has been given by Jiangsu Environment Protection Bureau.

  1.2 Establish and perfect the operation system on environment protection.

  In 1996. provincial Party Committee and government issued Several Opinions on Strengthening Environment Protection in order to strengthen the leadership of environment protection.This file demands all the leaders to establish and perfect operation system on environment protection as quickly as possible and the highest leaders of all party committees and government should be responsible for environment.All Party Committee should assign a vicesecretary to be in charge of environment protection.In 1998,the governor of Jiangsu Province signed the new agreement of environment protection with mayors and the agreement established monitoring system of water quality in Jiangsu Province and formed new management system.In recent years Jiangsu Province has established the supervisoryteam which is led by provincial Economy & Planning Committee and formed by supervisory department,financial department,construction department and JEPB to supervise and inspect the job of water pollution control.And a new supervisory and operation system of "Led by party committees,division by all government,supervisory by people's congress and people's political consultative conference,comanagement by all departments,unified management by all EPBs,public supervisory by media and positively participated by people"has been set up and operated well.

  1.3 Establish and perfect comprehensive policymaking system on environment and development.In 1998 the Party Central Committee held a symposium on two basic policies(Environment Protection and Family Planning )on which General Secretary Jiang gave important speech.In his speech he put forward that we must establish and perfect Four Environment Protection System based on comprehensive environment & development policymaking system under socialist market economy.After this meeting,the 179th standing committee meeting of Jiangsu Province specially discussed the environment protection and put forward that we must make environment influence proof and comprehensive benefit analysis when making important regulations,economic plan,longterm development plan,district and resource development projects and city development project.Only after these jobs can be control the tendency pollution from the beginning of policymaking.According to the demand of Party Committee,the departments of Jiangsu Province concerned drew up Circular Concerning Strengthening Environment & Development Policymaking System rapidly.In one years from then on the provincial Party Committee and government had held symposium and discussion again and again to ask for ideas from experts and departments concerned and the circular had been amended for several times.The Circular Concerning Earnestly Strengthening Comprehensive Policymaking System on Development & Environment issued by the Party Committee andgovernment of Jiangsu Province in this July ulteriorly clarified the important significance of executing Environment & Development Policymaking System and stipulate principle,program,range and ten guarantee systems of environment & development policymaking system.

  2 Main measurements to speed up the execution of comprehensive decision of environment and development. 

  2.1 The key of comprehensive policymaking is to advance deciders' deciding thought.

  The comprehensive policymaking is sponsored and organised to execute by the decider,so,the deciding subjectvarious level Party Committee and government should meet higher requirement.At present.some deciders like to divide the economic society and ecological environment when they make the plan,program,regulations and laws,So,they made many blind macroscopic policymaking ignoring the environment that will influence the sustainable development of social economy.So,we muststrengthen the education and propaganda of the deciders' thought about sustainble development.and advance their comprehensive deciding ability.

  2.2 Execute the comprehensive policymaking of environment anddevelopment,carry out 10 regulations on comprehensive policymaking of environment and development. In order to promote the execution,we would like to invite Governor Ji as the head to make a team to lead the comprehensive policymaking of environment and development and supervise and coordinate every department and place.Currently,we want to make and perfect following guarantee rules:

  (1) Establish the supervisory rules to promote every place and relative department to carry out the comprehensive policymaking of environment and development and to exchange and report their execution situation. 

  (2) Set up the scientific consulting system of environment and development to specify the organisation,personnel,responsibility and operation system of the environment and development scientific consulting committee,which consist of experts and scholars from relative university,scientific and research institute and the counselor office under provincial government,the panel of environment and resources under the People's Politics Consultative Conference of Jiangsu. 

  (3) Set up the public participation system of the comprehensive policymaking of environment and development and clarify the execution procedure and specific method of the public hearing system. 

  (4) Establish a environmental targets management system,a system under which rewards or punishment will be delivered in accordance with performance.Suggestion will be make to Provincial Party's Organisation Department to sponsor drafting of a regulation under which the performance of the chief executives of the Party and Government as well as other leading officials with regard to environment protection will be checked against environmental targets set,which will determine weather rewards or punishment will be issued.Similar suggestion is to make to the provincial government to establish prizes to glorifying those officials who have made outstanding performance and great contribution to environment protection. 

  (5) Establish a supervising system on major policy making and a system of

  investigation of responsibility.Provincial Department of Inspectorate and Department of Personnel are due to work out a scheme of disciplinary punishment to punish those who have violated environmental laws or disciplines.The mistakes in decision making should be looked into to identify the cause and those responsible for. 

  2.3 Evaluate the influence of the comprehensive policymaking to the environment actively.

  At present,a lot of overcenturyprograms are being executed such as:the East Jiangsu on the Sea,the Enrichment of Huaibei,the Development of Economy along the Yangtse River,and the Construction of the Key Towns.If we do not evaluate the influence to the environment do not study the environment plan.do not coordinatethe relationship between the environment and development plan.do not coordinte the relationship between the environment and development,the development and the environment protection.we will ruin the ecological balance of the district and weaken the foundation of environment for sustainable development.Even we can adopt positive and effective method to treat the pollution.the cost of the will be higher because of the weak environmental system.So.prior to the make big policymaking such like the selection of new economic developing point issue of thepolicy of industry and law of trade and economy,we must predict analyse and evaluate their bad influence to the sustainable development,and decide they are feasible or not and environmental protection treatment method to avoid the new environmental contradictor.Currently,we will make an effective method and its specific scope,contents,mode and procedure to evaluate the affect of important policymaking to environment as soon as possible according to China's general requirement.

  2.4 Adjust the industrial structure and promote the clean prod uction actively

  We should seize the opportunity to join the adjustment of the industrial structure and to lead the optimisation of the industrial structure and distribution of productive force.Recently,the relative department of the state decided to modifyor close small fire power plants,small oil refinery,small glass plant and smallcement plant.This is the objective request of controlling the repeated construction,speeding up the adjustment of industrial structure,promoting the advancement to intensive economy and big scale economy and also the practical requestof speeding up the industrial technical advancement,advancing the product quality and protecting the environment. At the same time,we should make profit by advancing science and technology development,fully executing the clean production strategy of saving energy,material and water,change the economic developing mode thoroughly,push enterprises to adopt the clean production and control the pollution at the beginning.In recent two years,more than 100 enterprises those who are the volunteer enterprises made RMB 200,000,000 Yuan.The relative department of Jiangsu Province issued The Preferential Policies for Speeding up The Step of Clean Production to support the clean production enterprise in many aspects including tax,loan and reduction and exemption of duty and tax to give those enterprises more support.

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