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Closing Speech by Qu Geping


  Distinguished Members, Ladies and Gentlemen,

  This meeting comes to a productive conclusion due to joint efforts of every member and expert. Please al1ow me, on behalf of Chairman Wen Jiabao and Vice-Chairs, to express thanks to every member and expert for their concern with support to the cause of environment and development of China. And also thank you all for your positive and creative views and recommendations. This afternoon some members will have a chance to exchange views with a State Leader. I believe that your view and recommendations will yield significant influence on the policy making of the government of China, some government departments and local governments in the field of environment and development.

  During this meeting, Vice Premier Wen Jiabao was present delivering a speech. All the participants gave an objective assessment of CCICED Phase II, with elaboration focused on the theme of this meeting, i.e. Summarizing Phase II and Preparing for Phase III. We can see from this meeting the important influence of the contributions made by every member and expert during CCICED Phase II. While recognizing achievements, Council members also pointed out the places CCICED needed for some improvements. I believe that CCICED Phase III will implement earnestly the views of Council members. CCICED will become more efficient and focused and achieve more outstanding accomplishments. We have also examined the work report of CCICED Secretariat and listened to the presentations of relevant departments and local governments. We should admit that this meeting has achieved a great success.

  As this meeting comes to a close, CCICED Phase II will be closed its task in history. Recalling CCICED Phase II, every meeting has produced positive results. Many views and recommendations made by the members have vigorously promoted the cause of environment and development in China. In particular, they play an important role in formulating the l0th Five-Year Plan for environmental protection and Great Western Development. It is necessary to point out that the research results of various working groups provide valuable and important inputs. Environmental protection will take more and more important position in the future social and economic development in China. This is called for by the Chinese reality as well as the long-term prosperity and stability. China has a large population while being short of natural resources. The level of science and technology is relatively low and the ecological conditions are vulnerable. In this circumstance, China must give a high priority to ecological security in the process of development. Strengthening environmental protection is also needed to improve life quality, economic operation quality and maintain sustained economic growth.

  Currently China is still maintaining a strong momentum of economic growth. It is expected that in the next 5 to l0 years China will maintain a rate of 7% or so for economic growth while the population will have a further growth. Therefore, it is more important to deal with the relationship between environment and development. For a comprehensive planning of environmental protection in the near future, the Government of China will be convening the Fifth National Conference on Environmental Protection soon. This conference will bring consensus on the l0th Five-Year Plan for environmental protection and make related arrangements. This plan, which is worked out by having drawn upon the wisdom of various sides after full discussions, will become a blueprint for environmental protection in the next 5 years.

  As Vice-Chairman of CCICED, I feel satisfied with the achievements of CCICED for years. Meanwhile, it is my pleasure to work with so many international and domestic distinguished experts and I am looking forward to the more fruitful achievements made by the experts in the operation of Third Phase of CCICED.

  Finally, I would like to thank all the friends who contribute to CCICED Phase II. In particular my thanks go to the Headquarter and Canadian Secretariats. My thanks also go to those staff who serve this meeting.


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