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Openning Speech by Leonard Good



  l Welcome to all of our Chinese and International colleagues, especially those who travelled great distances to be here today despite the challenge of international travel in difficult and dangerous times.

  l The fact you are all here today reflects the dedication we have seen from China Council Members over the years.


  l As always, we have some work to do over the next three days:

  l We will review and discuss a series of high quality reports prepared for this meeting by the Task Force and Working Groups;

  l We will decide on the Recommendations which the Council will formally present to the Chinese government; of course, we are counting on Sir Crispin to help us in this area as he has done so ably in the past;

  l We will discuss Phase II of the China Council. In this regard, Minister Xie and I look forward to further discussions with you on the third phase before any final decisions are made.

  l However, this meeting is not just about work; we are also meeting to celebrate the achievements of the Council during Phase Ⅱ and to honour all Council Members, Working Group Co-Chairs, Working Group experts, and Secretariat staff.

  l We are celebrating their work and the many warm working relationships and friendships that have developed during the course of this Phase of China Council


  l For those of us from outside China, the Council has provided a unique opportunity to work in one of the world's most important and complex countries during a period of rapid and fundamental change. The council has tackled a broad array of problems emerging from China's rapid economic and social transformation and has produced recommendations designed to cope with the large scale social impacts caused by this rapid change.

  l It is extremely gratifying to contribute positively to China's current transformation, all the more so because it is clear that China's decision-makers are making excellent use of the work of China Council. As last year's "Self Assessment" report demonstrated, China's senior leaders have a genuine interest in your work. Many Council recommendations find their way into government policies and programs.

  l Over the past 50 years, and particularly in the last decade, we have seen evidence of the increasing interdependence of countries around the world.

  l Trade interests are converging and the WTO is no longer a small club of wealthy nations.

  l It is increasingly apparent that many environmental problems are global in nature and that the solutions to these problems must also be global.

  l Interdependence requires greater mutual understanding, and the China Council clearly has a contribution to make in this area.


  In conclusion, for both policy reasons and personal reasons, I am honored to be associated with the work of the China Council and with you the Members of the China Council. I feel privileged to be part of what in ten short years has earned it a reputation as an effective and influential institution for positive change in China in the area of environment and development.

  I look forward to our deliberations over the next three days and am confident that this meeting will be as productive and successful as those in the past.

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