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Speech of Vice Premier Li Keqiang at Opening Ceremony of CCICED 2008 Annual General Meeting



  All Members, experts, ladies & gentlemen,

  CCICED 2008 Annual General Meeting is held in Beijing today. As the Chairperson of the CCICED Phrase IV, I am very happy to have this opportunity to meet you. The theme of this AGM is "Harmonious Development through Innovation". On behalf of the Chinese Government and in my own name, I extend my warm welcome to each Member and guest attending 2008 AGM and heartfelt thanks to the experts who have made unremitting efforts and presented many policy recommendations to the cause of environment and development of China over the past years.

  At present, international financial and economic situation is having dramatic change right now. Continuous turmoil of financial market gives a big impact on global economy with evident downturn that brings about serious influence on economic growth of many countries and life of the people. Addressing this global challenge requires that all countries in the world jointly strengthen cooperation to safeguard steady development of world economy.

  For China, this year is very unique. We have successfully met the challenges of devastating natural disasters and the impact of adverse international economic environment. The Chinese economy continues the momentum of steady and fast growth with no change of fundamental situation. However, there are many difficulties and much pressure ahead of us. Facing the adverse impacts of the change of global economic environment, the Chinese Government has made major adjustment of macro economic policy in time, carried out active financial policy and appropriately loose monetary policy and taken a series of important measures to stimulate economic growth. In the fourth quarter of 2008, the Chinese Government will add 100 billion Yuan central budget for the promotion of public welfare, infrastructure and eco environment; accelerate the reconstruction in the quake hit regions; try every means to increase the income of residents in particular that of the low-income groups; make more efforts to expand consumption and keep on steady & fast economic growth.

  Current international financial crisis is a key challenge. However, if we actively respond with appropriate transformation and strong action, we can turn this crisis into a good opportunity for the shift of development mode and economic restructuring.

  The Chinese Government has taken the improvement of eco environment as a key agenda for the promotion of our economic growth. This shows the determination of the Chinese Government on continuous promotion of the scientific outlook on development and harmonious development. As China is the biggest developing country in the world, its steady & fast economic growth itself is an important contribution to global economy. Meanwhile, the government has made such efforts as improving the quality & efficiency of economic growth, facilitating technological progress and economic restructuring, which may continuously improve people's living standard and life quality.

  Environmental protection has close relations with development and people's life. In our efforts of expanding domestic demand and facilitating growth, we have taken the enhancement of ecological environment as a key work, this shows the determination of China in pushing forward the scientific development and promoting harmonious society. Judging from the practical situations of China, the increase of domestic demand also requires the strengthening of weak links in social development like environmental protection, energy saving and ecological conservation and cultivating new growth points with those as the focus. Under the new situation, we will combine the expansion of domestic demand with the efforts in raising living standard and strengthening of eco environment protection. We will put environmental protection at more pre-eminent strategic position and take energy saving & emission reduction as an important aspect for expanding domestic demand. Facing the challenge, we will seize the opportunity and develop a new development mechanism from the new starting point. This is conducive to both economic growth and the addressing of present pre-eminent environmental problems, thus facilitating comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.

  This year is the 30th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. Over the past 30 years, the Chinese Government has attached great importance to environmental protection. It takes environmental protection as one of the basic national policies and sustainable development as a national strategy. There has been an important transformation of environmental protection in terms of both understanding and practice over the past years. We have taken a series of measures to prevent and control pollution and protect the environment with active outcomes. With fast economic growth, we have slowed the degradation trend of environmental pollution and ecological damage with certain improvements of the environmental quality in some regions and cities. Therefore, China has made huge efforts in the protection of the environment.

  In 2007, it is the first time for China to have the reduction of both COD discharge and SO2 emission, a historic breakthrough. Environmental protection in China faces a grave challenge in particular this year. Facing the rare and devastating earthquake in Wenchuan of Sichuan Province, relevant departments of China promptly set up and initiated the environmental emergency response system to prevent the occurrence of environmental disasters in Sichuan, which indeed ensured the safety of drinking water and environmental safety for the people in the quake-hit regions. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games attracting world attention, government departments including Ministry of Environmental Protection and relevant local governments cooperated with each other and spared no efforts in carrying out the measures to ensure environmental quality during the period of the Olympic Games, honoring the commitment of the Chinese Government to international communities.

  Of course, we also clearly understand that China still belongs to developing world and is in the accelerated process of modernization, industrialization and urbanization. Urban, regional and economic & social development in China is still not in balance with living standard not high and development of economy very important but difficult. At the same time, while environmental problems accumulated in the past have not been addressed, new environmental problems are emerging, some of them directly affect human health. So the task of environmental protection is very formidable. Protecting the environment and improving environmental quality not only matters the welfare of 1.3 billion Chinese people, but also is an important contribution to global sustainable development.

  In the future, China will firmly adhere to the path of scientific development. It will protect the environment during economic growth and develop economy with environmental considerations in order to facilitate harmonious development of economy, society, natural resources and the environment. We will adhere to the development of ecological culture, accelerate the development of industrial structure, production & consumption modes conducive to energy saving & environmental protection so as to achieve the harmony between man and nature. We will adhere to reform and innovation, establish & improve the institutions and mechanisms conducive to comprehensive coordination of sustainable development and mobilize the initiatives of many stakeholders. We will stick to the policies of people first and environmental protection for the people; make more efforts in addressing outstanding environmental problems affecting public health; and enable Chinese people enjoy rising living standard during economic growth and better life during environmental protection.

  The promotion of environmental protection requires continuous innovation of system and mechanisms. We will continuously employ improved method to address environmental problems. When fulfilling well government responsibility for environmental protection, we will focus on the application of market mechanism to facilitate pollution treatment and ecological development. We will identify appropriate price relations for important energy and resource products; set up a pricing mechanism that reflects the supply and demand relations, scarcity of resources and cost of environmental loss; gradually set up eco compensation mechanism and facilitate enterprises and the whole society to reduce energy consumption and emissions and protect the environment.

  To protect the environment, we need to strengthen our efforts in the development of environment and ecology. We will further increase the input in energy saving and environmental protection; speed up the construction of urban sewage treatment facilities, garbage treatment facilities, sewage pipe & network and the development of the projects on the prevention and control of water pollution in key river basins; enhance the development & protection of key shelter forests and natural forests; strengthen the development of 10 national key projects on energy saving, circular economy projects and industrial pollution control projects in key river basins in order to obtain new achievements in environmental protection.

  To strengthen environmental protection capacity, we need more efforts in the development of environment and energy-saving industry. There is big demand potential in the field of resources and environment. Energy saving and environmental protection industries are sun-rise industries with vigor and vitality. We will enhance policy support by the government, encourage corporate self-innovation, vigorously develop environmental technology and promote the application of advanced technologies. We will accelerate the development of energy saving and environmental protection equipment & service industry and cultivate a group of such enterprises with competitive force in the market, raise environmental protection efficiency and level to drive investment and consumption, forming new engines for economic growth.

  Energy saving and environmental protection involve every household and matter the immediate interests of people. They require the participation of every one. China is promoting the development of ecological culture, carrying out energy saving campaigns aiming at the conservation of oil, electricity and water resources. We will continuously put more efforts in social mobilization so that each citizen enhance their awareness in energy conservation; energy saving & environmental protection become the voluntary action of each unit, household and resident who have the idea of ecological culture deep in their mind. In doing so, we will build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society in an all round way.

  Opening up is a basic national policy of China and an effective way for environmental protection. We will adhere to the opening strategy with win-win situation and mutual benefit, actively carry out international environmental cooperation in more areas, and raise cooperation level to achieve common development. With environmental cooperation and exchange, we will introduce advanced foreign management experience, talents and necessary funds. Based on the principle of win-win situation, mutual benefits, practical & effective cooperation, we will actively take part in international environment affairs and jointly meet environmental challenges. Climate change is a key global issue with common concern of international communities. Adhering to the principle of common but differentiate responsibility, China will adhere to the principle of common but differentiate responsibilities and make unremitting efforts with other countries of the world to address climate change.

  With 17-year history since its establishment in 1992, CCICED has become an important environmental arena opening up to the outside world and key platform for enhancing environmental cooperation and exchanges. CCICED has gathered experts, scholars, government officials and famous people from many countries who have both international perspectives and rich theory and practical experience. I hope that all participants here continue making full use of your advantages and pay close attention to key issues of environment and development in China as before. Based on Chinese national conditions and introduction of advanced international experience, CCICED Members should put forward appropriate policy recommendations targeting key issues, promote the materialization of those recommendations so as to contribute your wisdom and force to environmental protection cause of China.

  It is common desire and responsibilities of all countries in the world to protect global eco environment and achieve sustainable development. Let us take active action with mutual help and sincere cooperation to jointly facilitate & maintain the stability and prosperity of world economy and care the Earth - home on which mankind depends.

  Finally, I wish a complete success of CCICED 2008 Annual General Meeting!

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