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Li Keqiang Meets with Foreign Guests Attending 2012 AGM of CCICED


  Vice Premier of the State Council, Chairperson of China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) Li Keqiang met with some of the foreign guests attending the Council’s 2012 AGM at Diaoyutai State Guest House on Dec.12.

  Vice Premier Li said the problem of environment and development is a challenge facing the world and promoting green development is in the interests of all countries. As the world largest developing country, China must strengthen international cooperation in the effort of protecting the environment while striving for economic development. We will take up our due responsibility according to the principle of common but differentiated responsibility, equity and respective capability and join hands with others to promote sustainable development of the human race.

  Li pointed out that there is no precedent in human history for realizing modernization in such a big country as China with over 1.3 billion population. To protect environment in the large expanse of territory is also a hard nut before the world. To move toward a modern China embracing ecological progress is a fresh subject before us. Facing unprecedented opportunity and challenge, we must have the sense of anxiety as a ropewalker and the strong confidence as a mountaineer. China will further promote the concept of ecological progress that stresses respect for nature, reconciliation with nature and protection of nature and incorporate the idea into the modernization drive with a view to developing the economy, improving people’s well-being and protecting the ecosystem.

  Li added that China’s effort to promote modernization and ecological progress aims to achieve all-rounded development of human beings. This will not only benefit the Chinese people, but also global sustainable development. In the same time, we also push ahead with industrialization, urbanization, application of information technology and agricultural modernization, which hold enormous potential for domestic demand. Investors from all countries are welcome to run ecological industries in China. He hopes new Council Members will offer more insights on the cause of China’s environment and development.

  Executive Vice Chairperson of CCICED Kent noted that China has done a great contribution to global environment and development by promoting ecological progress as a national strategy. As an international Council Member, he would make more recommendations for China’s economic transformation and modernization drive.

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