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Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli speaks at 2015 AGM Opening Ceremony


The 2015 AGM of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) opened in Beijng on 9th November under the theme of “Enabling Government Capacity for Green Transformation”. Politburo Standing Committee member, State Council Vice Premier and CCICED Chairperson Mr. Zhang Gaoli delivered a keynote speech during the opening ceremony. Vice Premier Zhang stated that green development is widely supported in China, with increased public awareness of environmental protection, strengthened policy measures, and thorough implementation.

Mr. Zhang Gaoli said that the 13th Five Year Plan is a crucial stage for comprehensively building China into a moderately prosperous society. China will provide more and higher quality ecological products, promote a green development model and lifestyle, and realize the goals of improving people’s livelihood, as well as building China into a beautiful nation. He outlined a number of measures the government is taking.

Optimize the layout for developing national land and space, implement the planning on major function-oriented zones so as to develop a sound layout for urbanization, agricultural development, ecological security and water front.

Comprehensively conserve energy and efficiently utilize resources, put dual-control on the total consumption and development intensity of resources and land, implement the national action plan on energy conservation, develop a clean, low-carbon and highly-efficient energy system for green development.

Strengthen pollution control and prevention of air, water and soil, put equal emphasis on pollution prevention and control in urban and rural areas and promote the overall environmental improvement.

Give priority to environmental protection and natural recovery, implement the project on environment protection and recovery of mountains, water, forests, farmland and lakes, build the national ecological corridor and bio-diversity protection networks as ecological security shelters.

Improve laws and regulations on ecological civilization, strengthen the environmental monitoring system and government performance assessment system, accelerate the development of a complete ecological civilization system to guide and regulate the development, utilization and protection of natural resources.

Promote international exchanges and cooperation and shoulder the responsibility as a big country. At this year’s UN Climate Change Conference, China is willing to joint hands with international community to promote the passing of a comprehensive, balanced and powerful agreement as a new cornerstone in the global environmental improvement.

Mr. Zhang Gaoli pointed out that CCICED is an important platform to promote China’ environment and development so the Chinese government will support the organization’s ongoing development. He added the CCICED should make full use of the expertise at its disposal, develop itself into a high-level international think thank, and make greater contributions to sustainable development in China and globally.

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