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China, US, EU could team up on renewables

2023-08-30author:source:China Daily

China is in talks with climate officials from the United States and the European Union to help developing countries create renewable energy projects, Xie Zhenhua, China's special envoy for climate change, said on Tuesday.


Xie, also vice-chairperson of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, said he was recently discussing such possibilities with US climate envoy John Kerry and Frans Timmermans, the EU's climate chief.


"We want to see if we can strengthen cooperation in the field of renewable energy, complement each other's strengths and go to developing countries to help them develop such projects," he said at a forum for the CCICED's annual general meeting, a three-day event that opened on Monday in Beijing.


The forum was themed around synergizing efforts on climate change and forging a path to green prosperity.


"This matter needs further in-depth discussion and is a path that must be adhered to," Xie added.


The Chinese official said that his country is willing to work with the US, the EU, and the developing world to promote global multilateral processes on climate change through dialogue and cooperation, and to promote green and low-carbon transformation.


"China, the United States and the European Union have strong complementarities in terms of technology and market in the green industry. While there is competition in standard setting and technological research and development, there is also great potential for cooperation," he said.


Xie acknowledged that there's intense competition in the race to develop green technologies.


However, he said that if this competition is "benign, healthy and aimed at win-win outcomes and global benefits", it will be beneficial to technological innovation in green and low-carbon sectors, and to reduce the costs of related technologies and products.


"That will provide a strong driving force for global green and low-carbon transformation," he said.


Xie noted that in the face of increasingly severe climate crises, countries need to enhance political mutual trust, strengthen international cooperation, fulfill their commitments and fulfill their own responsibilities and obligations.

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