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Points Made by Premier Zhu Rongji During His Meeting with CCICED Members and WG Cochairs at the 4th Meeting of the 2nd Phase of CCICED

  I am very glad to meet you once again in Autumn, the best season in Beijing. I h ave met with most of you before. You have devoted considerable...


Opening Speech by Wen Jiabao

  Distinguished members,
  Dear guests,
  Ladies and Gentlemen,
  I am very glad to meet with you in Beijing again to discuss the ...


Opening Speecy by Leonard Good

  Distinguished colleagues, ladies and gentlemen:
  1. I am both honored and pleased to assume the position of vice Chair of this hi gh-lev...


Opening Speech by Qu Geping

  Mr. Chair, Ladies and Gentlemen, 
  Good Morning. Our annual meeting is convened here today. It's a pleasure for me to meet with the old ...


Openign Speech by Xie Zhenhua

  Distinguished Mr. Chair, Members, Ladies and Gentlemen, 
  I would like to express my warm welcome to the members and friends at the four...


Opening Speech by Liu Jiang

  Dear Members, Guests, Comrades and Friends, 
  In October, the golden autumn with high sky and sound weather, members and the co- chars o...


Closing Speech by Qu Geping

  Respected Council Members, Ladies and Gentlemen,
  Through the concerted and hard efforts of Council Members and WG Co-Chairs, the 4th Me...


Kunming "Centutial Green Action"

  Dear Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, 
  Good Morning!
  The issue of urban transportation has become a common 'centurial problem'...


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