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Kunming "Centutial Green Action"


  Dear Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, 

  Good Morning!

  The issue of urban transportation has become a common 'centurial problem'being faced by China's cities in the process of achieving sustainable development. Si n ce the 1990s, Kunming has been studying urban traffic problems. And the technical cooperation with Zurich—a sister city of Kunming—has lasted 7 years in ord er to find a way of urban transportation'strategy in Kunming. The successful prac tice of the 'giving priority to public transportation'strategy in Kunming sho ws us the way to solve the traffic problems in China's cities. 

  In March 2000, Kunming became a pilot city for environment and transportation imp rovement together with Shengzhen, Dalian, and Qingdao. Of the four cities, Kunming i s the only city in West China. The Party Committee of Kunming and the municipal g overnment pay high attention to this work and will integrate closely the work of pilot city with the strategy of developing the west of China, take the opportuni ty, make painstaking effort, organize carefully, and attend to its implementation.  Kunming will establish an authorized coordination organization responsible for t he pilot work of transportation and environment in Kunming, making urban transpor tation policies, and guiding at the macro scale and coordinating comprehensively the development of urban transportation. 

  The action program of improving the urban transportation and environment-along w ith Kunming Centurial Green Action ('green' means 'unblocked' and 'environm entally friendly' is the elaboration of the pilot city work. The fundamental obj ective is to promote the social and economic development of Kunming City, improve the urban traffic situation, and better the city environmental quality. On the ba sis of the work that has been done, Kunming has worked out the action to improve its transportation and environment. The following are the three key points that shall be grasped:

  The first is, implementing the strategy of giving priority to public transportati on and strongly developing urban public transportation;

  The second is, reasonably guiding the development of car traffic so as to achieve a reasonable distribution of traffic flow in space and time, and that the traffi c volume of cars in the city central area shall be controlled at a suitable leve l;

  The third is, formulating a regional mega-transportation system, promoting the sha ping and development of a network city, and realizing the coordination of urban d evelopment, population, resource and environment. 

  The urban transportation 'Centurial Green Action' of Kunming includes 6 items and 31 sub-items. The systematic strategies and measures that shall be taken in t he short-and mid-terms have be put foreword, so as to guide the construction and development of urban transportation of Kunming in next step. 

  Ⅰ. Policies, Laws and Regulations

  1. Urban transportation policies

  Urban transportation development policies focusing on transporting people, giving priority to public transportation, paying attention to environment, and supportin g the sustainable development of the city shall be establish. 

  2. Transportation development strategy

  Urban transportation development strategy under the guideline of the urban trans portation policies shall be worked out so as to use it as a legal document to gu ide the construction and development of urban transportation. 

  3. Policy, law and regulation system

  Corresponding policy, law and regulation system with regard to industry, technolog y, economy, investment, financing and taxation, pricing and so on shall be straight ened out, improved, studied and formulated, so as to create favorable external con d itions for Kunming to solve its urban transportation and environmental problems. 

  Ⅱ. Public Transportation

  1. Buslanes network

  The utilization of the transportation space shall be redistributed by focusing o n the city central area. A buslanes network in a total length of 42 Km shall be c onstructed, thus making the service level of public transportation in Kunming a q ualitative leap forward. 

  2, Optimizing the route network

  The layout of bus routes shall be optimized relying on buslanes network thus sha ping a reasonable structure. 

  3. Public transportation depots

  The construction of public transportation depots shall be phased in group by gro up in concert with the operation of buslanes and the optimization of the bus rou tes network. 

  4. The operation of public transportation

  Through the application of high-and new-technology, a public transportation contr ol center based on GPS or other electronic positioning systems shall be phased i n so as to increase the operation efficiency and service level of public transpo rtation. 

  5. Customer service and ticketing system

  Perfect customer service system shall be established. Necessary service informati on shall be provided to public transportation users. The reform of ticketing syst em shall be sped up and IC card ticketing system shall be introduced. And the far es calculating system shall be favorable to transfer and reflect equality princ iple. 

  6. Public transportation market

  Policies and measures for the management of public transportation market shall b e formulated. Together with the reform of state-owned enterprises, monopolistic op eration shall come to an end and market competition mechanism shall be introduce d so as to increase the service level of public transportation and reduce the fi nancial burden on the government to the largest extent. 

  7. Rail transportation

  A LRT system in a length of 60 Km in a rectangular shape has been planned. And th e technical study of the first line has been finished. In next steps the front-e nd work shall be done well;financing channels shall be found;and the LRT project shall be started at the right moment. 

  Ⅲ. Road Transportation

  1. Functional grades of roads

  The grade and function of each road in the urban road network shall be demarcate d clearly and scientifically and fixed by legal documents. And the linking approa ches and openings of roads shall be fully straightened out in accordance with th ese legal documents. 

  2. System of major arteries

  The system of major arteries in a pattern of 'three west-east arteries, four nor th-south arteries, two ring roads, and nine exits' in Kunming has taken shape bas ically. The key work in next step shall be partial adjustment and improvement so as to increase transportation efficiency. 

  3. System of minor arteries and feeders

  The transportation potentialities of the minor arteries and feeders shall be fu lly explored and used. Opening one-way roads, setting up on-street parking spaces, introducing bicycle lanes system and pedestrian districts, and so on shall be tak en into account. 

  4. Intersections

  Intersections are major bottleneck that limits the traffic capacity of urban roa ds network. And the practice of channelizing intersections in Kunming is very suc cessful. In next steps all intersections in major arteries, and minor arteries and feeders that have conditions for channalization shall be reconstructed through channalization. 

  5. Parking system

  The parking supply in the central area shall be controlled at a proper level. The construction of parking facilities open to the public shall be encouraged. In la rge-size residential districts in the fringe of the city, the test work of park-a nd-ride and bike-and-ride travel modes shall be carried out so as to reasonably guide the transfer of modes and reduce the traffic burden on the central urban a rea. 

  6. Bicycle traffic

  Bicycle is an ideal mode for short distance travels. And it is a tool instead of walk for transferring to public transportation. It is inevitable and reasonable t o keep certain amount of bicycle traffic. Bicycle lanes network shall be construct ed by fully utilizing the urban feeder system. 

  7. Pedestrian traffic

  Walking is the cheapest travel mode and most friendly to environment. Under speci fic circumstances, it is often the most convenient travel mode. The improvement an d construction of the urban pedestrian system in Kunming shall be carried out in accordance with the 'man-oriented' principle. And pedestrian districts shall b e constructed in areas with developed public transportation and flourishing busi ness. 

  Ⅳ. Regional/External Transportation

  1. Through traffic

  High-grade outer circum-city highways shall be built so as to separate completel y the through traffic function from the function of urban expressway. 

  2. Entries and exits of the city

  The reconstruction and improvement of entry and exit roads shall be kept on so a s to form a highway transportation hub with high efficiency together with the ou t er circum-city through traffic highways. As to entries and exits design, effective measures shall be adopted to reduce the transportation burden on the central ur ban area. 

  3. Highway transportation

  The geographical and locational conditions in Yunnan province determine the impo rtance of highway transportation. While the construction of the highway network t aking Kunming as the core is emphasized, the depot facilities for passenger and f reight transportation on highways shall be improved gradually. The distribution s hall be adjusted;and the relation shall be put in order so as to establish close connection and coordination with railway, air and urban transportation and reali ze high efficiency and continuity of the whole transportation process. 

  4. Railway transportation

  Railway transportation is the major transportation mode between Yunnan and the h interland of China. And the conception of the Pan-Asia railway further places Kun ming in a very important position in the regional railway network. Kunming shall take concert actions with railway departments so as to greatly increase the rail way transportation level and capacity in Kunming area through the construction o f several large-scale projects. 

  5. Air transportation

  Kunming Airport is an important international airport in China and one of the bu siest airports in air transportation in China. And it plays a critical role in to urism in Yunnan-important one of pillar industries of Yunnan. But it current capa city is almost saturated. At the moment, there are two options:expanding the exist ing airport of building a new airport-the second international airport. The study of technical alternatives is under way. 

  6. Rapid suburban trains

  It shall be an inevitable choice of Kunming to construct a network city in next century to achieve sustainable development. Suburban train is a critical infrastr ucture to support the organic decentralization pattern of a city. Meanwhile, railw ay departments are facing a large emerging passenger transportation market. Rapid suburban trains will connect the central city, secondary cities, satellite towns and important transportation facilities such as airport(s), railway stations, etc. as an integral entity. 

  Ⅴ. Traffic Management

  1. Traffic signs and placards

  Urban traffic signs and placards shall be fully straightened out, improved and st andardized so as to create good facilities conditions for strengthening traffic management. 

  2. Traffic control system

  The coverage area of the existing traffic control system shall be expanded. The t echnological level of the system shall be enhanced. The functions of the system s hall be enriched. And the management level and efficiency shall be increased. 

  3. Signals for public transportation priority

  The techniques and management measures that give priority to public transportati on vehicles in going across intersections shall be studied and implemented. 

  4. Regional transportation organization

  Scientific transportation organization programs shall be studied, formulated and implemented on the basis of different situations in different areas by putting emphasis on the central area so as to increase the overall traffic capacity of t he road network. 

  5. Parking management

  Parking places in the urban area shall be fully straightened out and standardize d;price measure shall be the key measure;patrolling and writing penalty tickets shall be adopted as a management means;the total traffic volume in the central a rea shall be controlled, thus increasing the utilization rate and circulation rat e of the parking places. 

  6. Publicizing and education

  Publicizing and education shall be strengthened. Citizens'traffic and environment al awareness shall be increased. The transportation and environmental constructio n shall be carried out in concert with the government. 

  Ⅵ. Transportation and Environment

  1. Technical aspect

  Vehicles' environmental functions shall be improved. The black smog problems from diesel buses in plateau areas shall be stressed and solved. And pilot work of du al-fuel automobiles shall be carried out. In the construction and development of urban transportation, attention shall be paid to the application of technology an d facilities of environmental protection. 

  2. Policy aspect

  Stricter environmental protection standards shall be enforced and effective insp ection and maintenance mechanism shall be established. The registration of new au tomobiles that can not meet environmental protection requirements shall be rest r icted. Buying light and environmentally friendly motorized vehicles with less dis charging amount shall be encouraged. For large-scale transportation construction projects environmental assessment must been carried out. Using fuels with low pol lution levels shall be obligatory. Travels shall be guided to public transportati on thus improving traffic situations and lowering the total discharge volume.  

  The items mentioned above are either relatively independent of interlaced. In t he beginning Kunming will initiate three key projects:buslanes network project, r apid suburban trains project and outer circum-city highways project. Through the comprehensive improvement of urban transportation, the following results are exp ected:

   Kunming will become a model city in China with advanced public transpo rtation and unblocked traffic;

   A regional transportation system in the Greater Kunming Area will take shape t hus laying a foundation for the development of the network city and the organic decentralization;

   A large-scale transportation system with clear classification of funct ions, well-connected, and highly efficient and unblocked will take shape;

   The vitality of the city will increase and the environmental quality w ill b e improved thus promoting the healthy development of the society and economy.

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