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Summary Speech at the Closing Ceremony(Zhou Shengxian)


  Members, experts and all guests:


  CCICED 2007 AGM is going to close after 3-day intense work. During the meeting, both Chinese and International Members present their comments with heated discussion and full exchange of ideas. The comments and suggestions of each Member, in particular, those in-depth discussions on innovation and environment-friendly society is of great significance to the implementation of sustainable development strategy in China. The meeting meets its anticipated aim. Here, on behalf of the Bureau of the Council, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciations to the hard work of each Member.


  The Chinese Government attaches great importance to the meeting. Premier Wen Jiabao met with International Members yesterday afternoon and listened to the policy recommendations of the Council. Premier Wen spoke highly of the theme of 2007 AGM. He pointed out that innovation and environment-friendly society are two major topics for the development strategy of China. We will develop an innovation country and environment-friendly society. In innovation, we not only need scientific innovation and institutional innovation, but also the innovation in thinking and ideas. To realize the “Three transformations”, we must start from the institution. Only when we set up a mechanism or system that facilitates innovation and environmental protection can we achieve our goal. Premier Wen Jiabao introduced the development of energy saving and emissions reduction in China over the past year. He pointed out that there has been reduction in both energy consumption per unit GDP and total emission of major pollutants. This is an important turning point. Premier Wen Jiabao also paid much attention to global environmental issues including climate change, saying that low carbon cities and environmental indicators are two key issues under consideration by the Chinese Government. China will actively, in the spirit of constructive, practical and realistic, attend the upcoming international meeting on climate change that will be held in Bali, Indonesia. Premier Wen said he would be an environment premier and his cabinet cares about the environment. We will not only create a prosperous China, but also enable China maintain a good environment including blue sky, white cloud and clean water. In the end of his meeting, Premier Wen fully affirmed the work of the Council over the past year. He said that the Council is a good platform for exchanges and learning. The international communities help China 1.3 billion peopleaddress its environmental problems, this means helping 1/5 of world population to solve environmental problems. It is a great contribution to global cause on environmental protection.


  Mr. Zeng Peiyan, Vice Premier of the State Council and Chairperson of the Council attended the opening ceremony of 2007 AGM and delivered an important speech. In his speech, he expounded the striking environmental problems that the world including China are facing in the context of economic globalization, summarized the unremitting efforts of China in the cause of environmental protection and the key achievements, and introduced the strategic arrangements of China for the development of resource saving and environment-friendly society in the next stage. He hoped that, based on the existing foundation, the new phase of the Council obtain greater achievements, continue play its role as a bridge and tie for international environmental cooperation and make greater contributions to the development of conservation culture in China and even the world.


  Centering on the theme “Innovation and Environment-Friendly Society”, this AGM invited Mr. Pachauri, Chairman of IPCC to give a keynote speech. In the 5 topic sessions, the meeting has also arranged topic keynote speeches and a special speech. This AGM listened to the reports of the following four Task Forces or Policy Studies, including “Policy Mechanism towards Successful Achievements of the 11th Five-Year Plan Environment Targets”, “Innovation and Environment-Friendly Society”, “Strategic Transformation of Environment and Development in China: Global Experience and China’s Solutions” and “Environmentally Sound and Strategic Management of Chemicals in China”, which are very informative with rich contents. Focusing on these findings, Members and experts have carried out in-depth and fruitful discussions. With heated discussion, Members have put forward many recommendations with insights and vision to the Chinese Government. After 3-day discussions, the meeting has obtained some important achievements as follows:


  First, common understanding on many issues.


  A. Members have fully affirmed the huge contributions that the Chinese government has made in the field of environment and development. They all agreed that the Chinese government attaches great importance to environmental protection. Guided by the approach on scientific development and the strategic goal of building a harmonious society, the Chinese government has identified the binding targets on energy saving and emission reductions and is planning to realize the historic transformations in environmental protection. With a series of strong policy measures, it has made dramatic achievements and actively contributed to the sustainable development of China as well as the world.


  B. Members have full confidence in future environmental protection cause of China. It is encouraging and inspiring that the 17th National Congress of CCCPC has made strategic arrangements for environmental protection and put it at an important position in the development and modernization strategy. Environmental protection in China has become the main field and arena in economic and social development.


  C. To face the unprecedented environmental challenge, we still need more hard work. China now is at the critical stage of urbanization and industrialization with growing population and more pressure on environmental protection. And this will last for some years. No country in the world is facing so huge environmental challenge like China. With firmer determination, we must make more efforts with more effective measures to address environmental problems during the development.


  D. We must strengthen innovation in environmental protection. To address environmental problems at the root, we must achieve harmonious development among the environment, economy and society in China with innovations in ideas, development mode, institutions and science & technology.


  E. We must address environmental problems in the context of globalization. Addressing environmental problems requires joint efforts of all countries in the world. To study environmental problems of China, we must strengthen international exchanges and cooperation. With mutual help and joint efforts of all countries in the world, we will work together to protect our Earth on which human survival depends.


  Second, we have developed high-quality policy recommendations. These policy recommendations involve the following 5 aspects:


  A. To strengthen and develop new policy measures to ensure emissions reduction. It is suggested that China reform the performance examination system on energy saving and emission reduction, carry out emissions reduction in the whole production process, establish macro and joint decision-making system, raise technical supporting capacity and present new strategy for emission reduction during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period.


  B. Taking the opportunity of the transformation of environment and development strategy, China should actively explore environmental protection path with Chinese characteristics. It is recommended that China should integrate institutional functions, enhance publicity and education, promote advanced technology and improve environmental economic policies.


  C. To jointly address environmental challenges imposed by economic globalization. It is recommended that China should shift its trade growth mode, optimize export structure, intensify environmental management of international trade of recyclable waste, actively take part in bilateral or multilateral environmental cooperation and greatly develop low carbon economy.


  D. To set up national eco-innovation system. It is recommended that, if China establishes resource saving and environment-friendly society, the Chinese government should, based on the innovations in concept, theory, technology, institution and culture, improve innovation capacity in such aspects as enforcement management, market incentives, policy promotion, awareness improvement and capacity building.


  E. To mainstream environmental management of chemicals into national environmental management system. With such measures as improvement of legislation, establishment of management mechanism and enhanced public participation, China should strengthen environmental management of chemicals in each process including production, circulation and consumption. These insights reflect the wisdom and vision of relevant Members and experts of Task Forces, serving as important references to the acceleration of the historic transformations of China’s environmental protection.


  Third, we have developed more active study mechanism. With 16-year continuous exploration since its establishment in 1992, the Council has presented a new outlook. Firstly, The Member composition of new phase of the Council is more appropriate. There are 47 Members in Phase IV with 22 International Members and 25 Chinese Members. International Members come from both developed and developing countries. Famous experts and scholars account for near 50%, higher than that of the previous phases. Members are top-level decision-makers, leaders or experts in the field of environment and development. They have sound professional background, wide international perspective and insights. They could accurately understand the direction of development and innovation and good at putting forward key countermeasures to address major issues. Secondly, the targets of research projects are more suited to the practical situations of China. With further work of the Council and the communications and cooperation among experts, it is expected that research topics will be broader and targeted on practical issues. The experts of the four study teams of this AGM, focusing on core environmental issues such as energy saving and emission reductions as well as environment-friendly society, have carried out in-depth research and explorations and produced the findings with an important guiding role. Thirdly, the relations between the Chinese Government and the Council are closer. Members and experts feel that they are closer and closer to State leaders of China with deeper communications. They also feel that the Chinese government is eager to listen to the voices from every party. And the policy recommendations of the Council are widely applied in each field relevant to sustainable development of China.


  I would like to mention here that due to time limit, I might miss the viewpoints of some Members or experts in the summary. I hope you understand this and do not mind.


  Members and experts,


  With further progress of sustainable development cause in China, it is expected that the Council will have more pre-eminent role and face harder tasks. When disseminating advanced ideas, enhancing international communications and putting forward policy recommendations, the Council should focus more on addressing the most striking environmental problem in China, R&D and communications of environmental technologies, education and training of environmental staff as well as the demonstration and extension of environmental policy measures. It should provide not only theoretical guidance, but also practical help. I believe that with our joint efforts, the Council will play a greater role in the field of environment and development.


  At the end of the meeting, please allow me, on behalf of the Bureau, pay high tribute to the Members of past phases of the Council. We will always remember their hard work and efforts in helping the cause of China’s environment and development over the past years. At the same time, we express our heartfelt thanks to the contributions of each Member and expert of the Council Phrase IVOur thanks also go to the strong support and active participation of all relevant departments, social organizations, universities and research institutesFinally, we also appreciate the hard work of the staff of Secretariat and interpreters.


  Finally, I wish you all the best!



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