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Speech at the Opening Ceremony(B?rge Brende)


  Mr. Vice Premier, ladies and gentlemen,


  China Council is really a unique advisory mechanism. I feel and I think all the International Members feel very privileged to be invited to work together with our very qualified Chinese friends. I think this body is unique. I can think a lot of governments who wouldn’t have invited international guests to, in an open way, come with advices based on scientific data in the environmental field. So I think this shows the dedication of the Chinese Government. That also verified by the 17th Congress of CCCPC that I think makes important decisions in enhancing and mainstreaming of the environment in the whole Chinese society. New statistics now shows that China is meeting the overall targets in the Millennium Development Goals. China is on the track when it comes to eradicating poverty. And this has been not possible without sustainable growth in economy. But the big question in the years to come like the Vice Premier also said is that economic growth is the prerequisite, but we ought to decouple growth in economy and growth in emissions and environmental problems.


  So if we together here can find good pathways into the future to make a more sustainable growth that is truly essential. And I have to say that I am impressed by the papers that are presented last year by the Chinese Government, the first China’s National Assessment Report on Climate Change released a year ago. And in June it came a report from NDRC on China’s National Climate Change Program. It’s also a staggering report showing willingness to decouple.


  The Council now is entering into a new phase. I think many of the Members are new and highly motivated to work in the Council. For this new phase, the Council is also eager to address emerging issues. The first and foremost emerging issue is energy, environment and climate change. We have a kind of startup of this spring a seminar organized by the Secretariat on the Pathway to a Low Carbon Economy. The seminar was very successful. The Council will for the coming years establish new Task Forces. The Task Forces are also the basis for the discussions in the Council. I have to say that I am pleased when on our table there are proposals for the setting up of Task Forces like Low Carbon Economy, Use of Market-based Instruments for Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Use of Coal, Energy Efficiency in Transportation and Buildings.


  Let’s have a clear vision. China has been very successful in alleviating poverty and building a much stronger economy. Let us see and let us hopefully be successful globally in decoupling economic growth and the growth of emissions.


  Thank you!


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